About.Com and Wikipedia Give Credit to MMD


About.com and Wikipedia Acknowledge MMD’s Work on the Howard Theatre

Both About.com and Wikipedia are free, encyclopedic articles for reference purposes.  About.com reaches 69 million unique monthly visitors in the United States.  About.com profiled MMD at the end of the article on Howard Theatre saying:

“Marshall Moya Design is a highly regarded architectural, product design, graphic design, urban design and interior design firm located in Washington, DC. The firm provides design services for a diverse range of clients including developers, institutional organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, commercial ventures and private residential clients.”

Wikipedia ranks sixth globally among all websites on Alexa and has an estimated 365 million readers worldwide. It is estimated that Wikipedia receives 2.7 billion monthly pageviews from the United States alone. Both of MMD’s features are at the end of the articles.

See the About.com feature here and Wikipedia here!


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