MMD Competes Internationally for Library Design in Finland


MMD Competes for International Design of Finnish Library

Marshall Moya Design (MMD) competed with international players in a global architectural competition for the design of the Helsinki Public Library located in Helsinki Finland.

MMD’s sustainable and unique design serves as a vibrant historical space with a focus on education. MMD’s design for the Helsinki Central library is not only influenced by the desired program wishes of the building’s operations, but also by the context of this vibrant and historically significant site. The form of the design in the public realm of its location gives definition to the east side of the proposed park and is also positioned to provide excellent views and physical connectivity.

MMD created a crescent shaped structure that will enhance its three dimensional form, and allow visitors to see splendid views of the city through the large glass windows that encompass the perimeter of the building. The large cut out in the southern part of the building from the entrance canopy results in a warm, open and inviting sign of welcome. MMD also formed a public square and park in front of the library and an atrium to complement the office spaces inside. White granite panels line the public entrance and infuse thermal efficiency as an added benefit to the structure.

Here are some “green” design elements that promote sustainability:

  • The roof has building integrated photovoltaic (PV) panels of which the PV system is tied to an electricity grid
  • Domestic Hot Water provided by a solar water heating system through roof installed evacuated tubes with supplemental heat from the district heating system
  • Spacious windows that provide for excellent views and physical connectivity between parts of the library
  • Suggestion of spectrally enhanced lighting – higher color temperature for better visual acuity


Take a look at the pictures!


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