Paola Moya Featured in El Pregonero News


Co-principal  Paola Moya Featured in El Pregonero, One of the Most Respected and Oldest Hispanic News Outlet in the Nation’s Capital

The article shares Paola’s transition to the U.S., the cultural importance of The Howard Theatre, the modern features of the newly renovated historic theatre, and Paola’s sentiment towards the firm’s latest project.

The feature first discussed journey to America, she is quoted: “When I first arrived here, I had to do all kinds of work- from delivering pizza to taking care of dogs!”  Paola shared the same dream as the millions of individuals who immigrate to America; to get a professional education and contribute her talents to the U.S.

The feature highlights the importance of The Howard Theatre, the oldest theatre for African American culture, and the inauguration of the first grand re-opening since its closure in 1970. Paola also shared her excitement of having the opportunity to enjoy this venue, “We are going to see The Howard Theatre again. I can come back to enjoy it, and not just by myself, but with thousands of individuals. That is the biggest feeling of joy and pride for our firm.”

To view and read the article in Spanish, click here.


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