Paola Moya Featured in The Washington Hispanic


The Washington Hispanic Highlights the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and the Latina Behind the Design!

The Washington Hispanic is an established Latino newspaper throughout Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. area. Their feature describes the grand opening day as a festive event for the theatre’s inauguration and as a special rebirth celebration of one of the most important venues for African American culture and Washington, D.C.

The Washington Hispanic showcases how the renovation was brought to life through the participation of Hispanic talent.  Colombian-born architect, Paola Moya, brought her South American zest to the project which added form, color, and texture. The article showcases the ‘national treasure that helped launched the career of musical legends’ as a contemporary, elegant, and state-of-the-art facility. Co-principal of Marshall Moya Design, Paola Moya, also shares the challenges of her success story, “For me it was a great challenge because as an immigrant who grew up in Colombia, I had to begin to understand what the Howard Theatre meant to the community here.”

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