Architecture DC Features Chuck Brown Memorial and Marshall Moya Design

In a piece titled, "Public Art:  Hybrids of Art and Architecture Adorn the Washington Area," the Chuck Brown Memorial Park was profiled in Architecture DC magazine's spring 2015 issue. Author Asya Snejnevski discusses the trend of the past 15 years that has seen cities implementing public art master plans which seek to strengthen communities. She notes the increase, in particular, of such projects in the District and in Arlington. Michael Marshall was quoted in the article, which described the Chuck Brown Memorial Park in detail and hailed it as one of several projects that have contributed to the Washington Metropolitan area's renewed sense of pride in many of its growing neighborhoods. The "shrine to a local music legend" features both architectural and art components. "We wanted to have actual images," said Marshall, and added "we wanted to be really clear about who he was and that he was a person of color." A permanent art installation designed by local artist Jackie L. Braitman was also included, which shows an artistic representation of Chuck Brown. Since its opening in August of 2014, the memorial has been profiled in many media outlets and has also won an American Graphic Design Award by Graphic Design USA.