Paola Moya Featured as Keynote Speaker at NOMA

Paola Moya was the featured Keynote Speaker for the NOMA conference in Philadelphia on October 3, 2014. The theme of the conference was “For the Love of It: Community, History, Design,” and Paola led the event as the Keynote Speaker, followed by the Mayor of Philadelphia.

Paola’s speech received a standing ovation, and it included content regarding her success story, her journey from Colombia to the U.S., lessons learned, and advice for all professionals. Read an excerpt from her speech below…

“I encourage each of you today to reflect on what you are truly passionate about and define your long-term goals. What is your calling as a professional? What is the purpose of your actions? My advice to you is to celebrate your short term goals and stay committed to your long terms goals. Appreciate life to the fullest, and make something meaningful of your profession….

…As architects and designers, we can contribute to other people’s quality of life through the built and designed environment…and that is a gift. Giving back to your community develops you as a professional but also as an individual.  Understand the needs and challenges of other people, and brainstorm how your talents can help others. NOMA attracts and cultivates talented architects and designers like you all, and we have the expertise to create solutions to some of the greatest challenges and needs in our society today.”

“So my invitation to you is: Dig down and find what is the fire that ignites your drive?!  What motivates you?! Cultivate and grow your interests and talents. Create a plan to achieve your dreams. Be focused, and set high standards for yourselves. As minority architects we all have labels, but don’t let labels constrain your professionalism, use it as an opportunity to be more creative. Your work will speak louder than words.  Be creative, think outside the norms. Society needs more of your creativity. And finally, be competitive.  We are competing with designers around the globe to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Become the first one to solve an issue. Be an outlier, and challenge the way things are being done. Once you do so, we will all get closer to improve the world we live in. Thank you.”

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