• Location:  Washington D.C.
  • Year:  2017

As a part of their new initiative titled "Reign: Empowering Young Women as Leaders," the DC Public School system was planning its first annual "We the Girls: Young Women’s Leadership Conference and Pep Rally."

The conference, to be held in June, is planned to be a day of celebration, enrichment and inspiration for young women of color in grades 5-12. DCPS educators will also be included.

Marshall Moya was hired to help create the materials to promote the new campaign and event, and to create signage for the event. The client was looking for very impactful, rich visuals that would create interest and excitement.

The day will be spent exploring topics including identity, stress management, healthy relationships, community advocacy, self-care, leadership, entrepreneurship, STEM, and applying to college. The DCPS team has used the materials across a variety of communications vehicles for community outreach and engagement.