Frazier Hall Dormitory, Howard University

  • Area:  40,880 sq. ft.
  • Location:  Washington, D.C
  • Year:  2016-10-13
  • Collaboration:  MCN Build, Setty & Associates

Marshall Moya Design renovated Frazier Hall to showcase and cultivate Howard University’s vibrant student life. The Frazier Hall upgrade and modernization presented a key opportunity to revive the living spaces for Howard University students and provide a dynamic communal area for student collaboration and socialization.

The plans for this fast track, $4 million and 40,880 sq. ft. project transformed the residence halls into a welcoming environment, aiding the university in attracting and retaining students.

The renovation involved a selective use of vivid colors, lighting, built-ins, and strategic use of available space. As part of the design process, MMD was sensitive to the rich history of Julia S. Caldwell-Frazier, a Howard University and Columbia University alumna, born in Alabama during the late 19th century. As incoming freshmen enter the lobby, the young women may find inspiration from the gold plaque commemorating Ms. Frazier’s distinguished career. The lobby features a waiting area where students stay tuned with campus information through the use of interactive media. Through the foyer, the lounge room is set up as an open space plan with areas for students to  study.