Urban Plan for Internally Displaced People (IDP)

  • Area:  16 acres
  • Location:  Cartagena, Colombia
  • Year:  2016-11-12

This urban design and mixed-use building for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Cartagena, Colombia includes the beneficial components of a contemporary, mixed-income housing intervention by establishing an appropriate development density and diverse income mix. This provides a means for social reintegration by design, and offers a regionally and economically sustainable housing typology. The project’s focus is on the unique history and hardships encountered by IDPs living in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Currently, Colombia has the world’s second highest number of IDPs, at around five million. In an attempt to mitigate the increasing crisis of IDPs, this plan serves to provide a socially, economically, environmentally sustainable solution to this problem.

Marshall Moya Design's proposed master plan includes two hotel towers to serve as employment generators for IDP and other residents in Cartagena. The Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center will enhance the rich cultural aspects of the city by offering a cultural venue for dance and theater presentations, as well as a small museum showcasing the works of the Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Five towers with vertical and horizontal farming are proposed to sustain 25 percent of the units assigned to IDP, with options to include wind farms on the roof of the towers. An organic market will provide a site for the gathering and selling of products produced from the vertical farming, and a business center will provide legal and financial help to IDP. A day care center, a public school, and a health center for IDPs are also proposed as part of the design.

  • Media:  NOMA Website Feature Project
  • Awards:  Visionary Honor Award (National Organization of Minority Architects)