World War II Memorial

  • Location:  Annapolis, MD
  • Year:  2016-10-15

In a design competition proposed for the state of Maryland, Marshall Moya Design created the World War II memorial as an environment of contemplation to honor those who served our nation. The primary entrance walks visitors through the existing navy memorial. Tall pine trees along the corridor offer the desired level of screening. Cherry blossom trees offer harmonious tranquility, away from the daily commuting traffic. When visitors walk down the large terraces, a serene waterfall follows them into the final reflection pool. As a symbol of reconciliation, the selection process for the materials was vital as they were taken from the homeland of our opponents, now our allies. The marble comes from Italy, the evergreen tree from the Black Forest in Germany, and the cherry blossoms from Japan. To commemorate the extraordinary dedication, commitment, and sacrifice of those involved in the war, the reflection pool holds an eternal flame that serves as a symbol of their courage.