Firm Profile

With a portfolio of high-profile projects, a team of artistic innovators, and a collective commitment to advancing communities, Marshall Moya Design has earned recognition and accolades on regional, national, and international levels. As a boutique architecture and design studio, we believe that brick and mortar should connect and inspire people, while supporting and improving communities. Marshall Moya Design projects span the commercial, institutional, civic, and cultural sectors. Firm team members have designed a number of iconic projects in the Washington, D.C. region and beyond, including The Howard Theatre; Chuck Brown Memorial; Reunion Square in Southeast; dynamic elementary schools; and the new Student Center at the University of the District of Columbia. Current projects include the D.C. United Stadium, the state-of-the-art Wizards Practice Facility, and projects for MGM Resorts International. Marshall Moya Design is known as an influential and valuable design partner. Michael Marshall originally founded the firm in 1989 as Michael Marshall Architecture. In 2010, he formed a partnership with Paola Moya to establish Marshall Moya Design, with a commitment to uniting people and strengthening communities through innovation, creativity and purpose.

Design Process

When it comes to how we do business, our firm’s core guiding principles are Innovation, Creativity and Purpose. Innovation. For us, the glass is always half full. In each undertaking, we see a new opportunity to push norms and surpass higher standards. It is our policy to insist that each client deserves our freshest thinking on every assignment. We view each project not as a problem, but as a chance to contribute something that challenges the status quo and inspires the end users. We demand this of ourselves. Creativity.  We share ideas, learn from each other, challenge ourselves to ask and answer the tough questions, and inspire new thinking from everyone involved to ultimately deliver our best work. We bring our collaborative process to interactions with clients, as well as to our partnerships with other architects, consultants, regulatory agencies, contractors, and stakeholders. For every project, creativity and open communication are our top priorities. Purpose. We are passionate about the planet’s resources, and have a great respect for the materials, cost, and time needed to execute projects responsibly. It is imperative for us to always deliver the elegant and functional solutions our clients deserve, while maintaining our commitment to structures that are sustainable. We understand that our design principles, stewardship, and attention to detail have a direct effect on the quality of life in our community and our world.


Marshall Moya Design is a reflection of the backgrounds and talents of a diverse, worldly and dedicated team. Each of us has a unique story and distinct industry expertise. The fusion of our respective experiences is what defines our firm culture. We are multicultural, multidimensional and passionate about advancing communities and social causes. A common belief among our team is the importance of philanthropy. Each year, we give back as individuals and as a company to organizations who do good in the world. Our team members represent ethnicities and cultures from every corner of the world. Many of us are bilingual and we encourage global perspectives and multifaceted thinking, contributing to a limitless design aesthetic. The varied experiences and foundations we bring to the table create a workplace that is vibrant and dynamic, where everyone is encouraged to draw from unique backgrounds to make valuable contributions and inspire broader thinking.