Chris Howell

Information Technology Manager

Chris is the Information Technology Manager at Marshall Moya Design. His knowledge and experience cover a wide array of specialties within the small-office IT environment. This includes not only the installation, maintenance and support of a Windows Server and PC-based network, but also email (including Microsoft Exchange), firewalls, anti-virus protection and eradication, secure access to shared resources--including remote storage and printers, and wireless solutions. He also performs system and network analysis that addresses redundancy and points of failure, backup and restore routines, and system upgrades that encompass both software and hardware requirements. Originally from Alabama, Chris has over 20 years of Information Technology (IT) experience in the greater Washington, D.C. area. In his previous position, he was a Senior Technical Paralegal at Mobil Oil’s Corporate Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. There, he worked in Mobil’s Office of General Counsel developing and testing a large-scale database for Mobil’s attorneys and staff to perform highly-detailed searches for discovery requests. He then became an independent consultant and currently serves dozens of organizations. Howell earned a B.A. from Syracuse University, has A+ Certification from CompTIA in both software and hardware, and is a certified Paralegal. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and daughter, and enjoys sailing.